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Just Breathe

QiGong Movement is a healthful and balancing method for wellness and for a more healthful existence. We at Simply QiGong have spent thousands of hours in research and study interpreting ancient forms for health and longevity so that we may offer the best programs we know how to. Our study will not stop - as we continuously upgrade our complimentary health and wellness programs for the benefit of our clients and staff.

Belly Breathing

This is one of the most basic concepts in QiGong - Tai Chi - Yoga - and many traditional and non-traditional health practices. Actually, practitioners do not actually breathe into the belly - we can only breathe into the lungs.

Although we may not actually breathing into the belly, the belly does move in and out due to movement of the diaphragm.

A teaching tool to use in the practice of Belly Breathing is to place one hand above your belly button and one hand at your heart. Close your eyes and take a few deep, full breaths, allowing your hands to move out and up slightly with the inhale and move back in with the exhale. When the diaphragm moves naturally with your breath, a lot of seemingly magical things happen.

In most all our classes we practice Belly Breathing.

Sign up for a class and learn to experience the wondrous feelings of relaxation and peace that comes over you by Just Breathing.

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